I live in Texas. If that were all you knew about me, you would probably assume that I like to hunt, fish, chew, spit, and drive a big pick-up truck.

In fact, I have lots of good friends that do all of those things. But – for me – killing stuff is not the most engaging way to spend a weekend.

Instead, I’m a seriously nerdy technophile. I love working with electronic and interactive media. Word processors, Powerpoint, blogs, email, etc. are my communication media of choice.

I’m also a hardcore PC gamer. I’m particularly fond of strategy games generally, and more particularly games like Civilization IV and Galactic Civilizations II. I also like roleplaying games like World of Warcraft.

I like to keep an eye on the Gamespot PC gaming RSS feed.


4 Responses to Nerdy-ness

  1. TAE says:

    Heard of a new little game called WeeWar? (

  2. Matt says:

    Actually, no. Never heard of it, but I just checked the site out, and it looks very intriguing. I’ll have to go try it soon.

  3. Woman says:

    As you concern to games RTS and RPG. What kind from them is pleasant more?

  4. I miss Mario & the music behind the games. Also, remember Big Foot? The Pre-historic club cary’n guy? Oh, & the Secret Code Book! That was a real cheater!

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