Do YOU Suffer from MGS?

September 29, 2006

And now…an important public service announcement from your friends at RwtL:

depressed.jpgDo you come from a faith tradition that once emphasized works-based salvation? Was your childhood filled with fear that you would go to hell for wearing shorts, swimming in public pools, and attending school dances? Are you now a part of a church that emphasizes “missional living”?

If so, you may suffer from Missional Guilt Syndrome. MGS is a painful disorder that results when Christians try to transfer a system of works-oriented salvation into a mission-oriented mindset.  

Typical signs of MGS include:
– A constant, nagging feeling that you aren’t “doing enough” to help the marginalized in your community.
– Feelings of inadequacy when you don’t volunteer for more mission-oriented ministries.
– Constantly comparing yourself to others, who seem to be “doing more” for the poor and homeless.
– A fear that God is angry at you because you didn’t make eye contact with that guy who was holding the “work for food” sign.
– Feeling the need to tell people that “I don’t do as much as others, but…” every time you describe one of your experiences in reaching out.
– Fear that you are returning to a relationship with God that is laden with guilt and anxiety.

If you are one of the thousands of Christians who suffers from this serious, debilitating condition, help is available. You can live a life that draws you deeper into God’s mission without feelings of inadequacy and guilt.

Call the Center for Missional Guilt Recovery now. The toll free number is 555-SOS-MGS1. Thats 555-767-6471.

[Phone Rings] “Center for Missional Guilt Recovery. How can I help you?”

“Yes. <sniff!>… I need to talk to someone about my missional guilt.”

Call now. Operators are standing by. 

Flickr photo credit:strph.