Thursday Catchall

September 21, 2006

RIP Even where I haven’t fully agreed with him, I’ve enjoyed reading and interacting with Greg’s freewheeling, in-your-face way of dealing with life and spirituality. His presence in the blogsphere will be missed. (Greg himself, by the way, is doing just fine – except for a small surgical wound…you can read his last few posts for more info.)

(Update: turns out Greg was yanking our chains. He has only changed domain names so he can have the more presigious “.com” after his site name, rather than the un-cool designation of “.net.” Please disregard all of the nice things I said about him.)


In the meantime, I suppose the move to wordpress is paying off. I’ve been registering a lot more hits, including hits off of search engines and feed aggregators, than I ever did at blogger.

I’m still amazed that people actually read and get something out of this stuff I’m writing, particularly since I write so much about Christian spirituality. I’m not a world renowned bible scholar or writer on the scale of a Dallas Willard or NT Wright. The only thing I can offer that those guys can’t is a street level perspective on the things that they are already saying. And I’m humbled that you-all see fit to drop in every once in a while to see what I’m posting.

Did anyone else watch Studio 60 on Sunset Strip earlier this week? I finally watched it on the DVR last night and was thoroughly impressed. Great writing. Interesting characters. Intriguing setting (basically, its a “behind the scenes at SNL” type-concept). It shows a lot of promise. Then again, I thought Invasion was really good, and it got booted off the air after one season…

The debate over the prosperity gospel continues. You can check out Preacher Mike’s blog if you’re interested in taking in the latest flame war on this testy subject.