Jesus, Inc.?

September 26, 2006

These words come from Frank Viola (via Subversive Influence):

Organizational leadership, as a model for facilitating church (as a living life-force entity), is inadequate at best and detrimental at worst.  Our business/organizational/ leadership models are simply not up to the task for facilitating a living, God-directed process.

By definition, our organizational leadership models are about human control: set understandable goals, develop mechanized strategies to reach those goals, implement, evaluate.  If you look at this clearly, you can see that we are in trouble right from the start.  How can one set understandable goals for something as beyond-this-world as the living church?  I am not suggesting that a believer must never set goals.  We do live in a world that requires a certain amount of control and order.  I am simply saying that using these tools as a primary way to bring leadership to God’s church is wholly unsatisfactory.

NeverendingboyThis is something that has been on my mind lately. Are business models the best way to orgainize a “living, God-directed process?” Do management models, in particular, have any bearing on the way the family of God relates to itself?

Frank, of course, has the advantage of coming from a house church environment. He’s not dealing with the management problems that come with larger church organizations. Still, even in that environment, I squirm when people start using too much “business” and “leadership” language to talk about the way things are organized….