…And The Nominees Are…

Word is that the “Final Cylon” will be revealed on tomorrow night’s Battlestar Galactica. We’ll see.

In the meantime, because I sadly have nothing better to do at the moment, here are the most prominent nominees for the role of the last Cylon, together with the odds that I would put on each candidate:

1.5:1 – Ellen Tigh. Near the end of the last episode, Deanna, who can apparently identify the final Cylon, stated that the final Cylon was not in the fleet. Ellen, who mysteriously appeared in the fleet after being thought dead in season one, seems a likely candidate. I don’t particularly like this option, but it seems more likely than any other.

2:1 – Callie. Wife of another Tyrol, another recently self-aware Cylon. She was tossed out the airlock by Tori early in Season 4. She also fits the “not in the fleet” clue from the last episode.

2.5:1 Zach Adama. Long thought dead from a tragic training accident, Zach may suddenly – and shockingly – appear on the scene. This one also fits the “not in the fleet” clue, but there will be a lot of explaning to do about how Adama came to think of Zach as his son…

3:1 Felix Gaeta. The final skinjob reportedly will go through great suffering before becoming self-aware. Gaeta’s recent leg injury is either a huge red herring or a huge giveaway.

3:1 Kara “Starbuck” Thrace. Sometimes the obvious choice is also the best one. Starbuck, seemingly dead, has somewhat surprisingly returned. She is the target of lots of suspicion already, but her prominent role in leading the humans to Earth is consistent with the role that the last five Cylons are supposed to fill.

3:1 Gaius Baltar. Also an obvious choice from the beginning – he experiences visions of other Cylons and has generally played a prominent role in the demise of humanity. Still, I think he is a more prominent candidate for Cylon #13 (see below).

Now, for a couple of more exotic options, that are much more intriguing to me:

5:1 Caprica Six. Although she looks exactly like the “six” models, this particular person is, in fact, a completely different personality who is one of the Final Five. She has always seemed to be a little more “human” than the other models.

10:1 Starbuck’s Viper. Remember the viper that came back with Starbuck when she returned to the Galactica? Remember how it pointed the way to Earth? Remember how the Final Five are supposed to help find Earth? What if the consciousness of the last Cylon exists somehow in the Viper only later to take the form of…well, you take your pick of their “dead” prior model – Ellen, Zach, Callie, etc.

20:1 The Battlestar Galactica. The Galactica itself might be infused with the consciousness of the last Cylon. Remember…the other four final Cylons can occasionally hear the ship “singing.”

In any event, I don’t think we will have seen the “last” Cylon after tomorrow’s episode. Likely, there is a 13th Cylon just like there is a 13th Colony and a 13th Lord of Kobol who drove out the other Lords. As I stated above, my bet is that Baltar will be revealed as filling that role.

Anyone else want to offer guesses before 9:00 pm on Friday?

One Response to …And The Nominees Are…

  1. Matt says:

    I know its a little late to be pointing this out, but – if you look at the date and time stamp on this post – it should be noted that I called this one correctly – or at least put the best odds on it – long before the episode actually aired.

    Just sayin’.

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