Microsoft Strikes Back

Has anyone else seen Microsoft’s new “I’m a PC” commercial?

If I had designed a commercial to “respond” to the Mac/PC campaign, I would probably have had some good natured fun with the Mac commercials, using a similar format. While the Mac guy was standing around trying to act like he was the “cool” guy, my PC guy would be doing productive stuff and then – once he was done – talk about all the games he could play. In the end, the Mac guy would just mutter, somewhat uncertainly: “well, yeah…but I’m still cooler than you. right?”

This commercial, however, proves why I would not be very good at marketing. How better to dispel the stereotypes in the Mac commercials that than to show REAL PC users in the real world? Better yet, the commercial subtly reminds PC users that they ought to consider the stereotype in the the Apple campaign as insulting and petty.


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