Podcast “Pilot”

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been posting much lately, its been because I’ve been working on a couple of podcasting projects. Here is the “pilot” episode for the first project, which is called Ancient Rhythm.

The idea behind Ancient Rhythm is to provide a five minute “space” in which people can pray and reflect. The foundation of each podcast is the prayer appointed for the week within (as I understand it) multiple faith traditions, and as reflected in Phyllis Tickle’s The Divine Hours. The podcast will ususally follow this order:

– A call to prayer and contemplation (usually a single verse)

– A time of preparing one’s mind and spirit for prayer

– A psalm

– A teaching from the Christian scriptures which in some way relates to the prayer appointed for the week

– A brief thought or question for reflection

– A recitation of the prayer for the week

– A benediction, which serves to send the listener back “out” into the world

The idea is to help people maintain a vertical focus during their day; for example, someone might listen to it while commuting or working out, or while taking a break during work.

My thought right now – if I decide to start producing this regularly – is to do it once a week, until I have a complete set of 52 episodes.

I’d love to get comments and constructive criticism from as many of you who can listen to it.


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