Is it Just Me…

…or did anyone else sense that the narrative of the new Battlestar Galactica was leading up to a Planet of the Apes style revelation of earthly apocalypse? (Heck, the only thing missing in the last minute was Charlton Heston hopping off of his horse and shouting angrily at the remnants of a national monument; there is even speculation that the Galactica crew landed somewhere near liberty island – and my guess is that we will soon learn that this scene was a conscious, though subtle tribute to Apes).

When you think about it, the disturbing discovery at the end of last night’s episode fits perfectly within the most important story arc of the series. The big question is “Do we deserve to survive, given our violent and self-destructive tendencies?” Given the story of the Twelve colonies, which met their demise due to their own arrogant selfishness, what else would you expect to discover had happened to the Thirteenth Colony, except the same violence and self destruction?

So…All of this has happened before. Will all of this happen again? As I was hoping, it now seems inevitable that the final ten episodes will explore whether the redemption of humanity is possible.


One Response to Is it Just Me…

  1. Jimmy says:

    Dang it, I haven’t seen any of this season’s B G yet…….

    On an entirely different matter, I put a link to your wayyy back review of Left Behind: Eternal Forces game, because you made it sound so darn funny.

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