Musical Bonding

My job as a parent isn’t complete until my kids know all about pop culture from my formative years. To that end, I gave Lexi a quick tour of some eighties music while we were driving around today.

Today’s songs:

We are far from done.

Children of the 80s: what else should be added to my playlist of essentials?


2 Responses to Musical Bonding

  1. Rob Grayson says:

    Depends on your taste, but my vote would be for some Billy Joel stuff. OK, the stuff that made it big in the charts (Uptown Girl etc.) was not IMHO his best stuff, but it was certainly popular and influential.

  2. Totally Awesome! We have done this same thing with our kids. My oldest got a MP3 player for Christmas, we included plenty of eighties music. I say you have got to play her some Pat Benatar, Cyndi Lauper, The Outfield, and The Police for starters.

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