Just when you thought instant messaging was getting boring, along comes this.


3 Responses to iGod

  1. You not need to speak with God via Computer…
    Just speak to HIM, with Pray…
    Honest Pray…

    God Know whats in your heart, and HE listen to your pray..

    About “IGod”….???
    Well, It’s creative and can help some one to find JESUS..so they can make choice to Repent and Change..
    Anyway….GOD can use all things to HIS purpose, I hope HE will use “IGod”

    All Glory for JESUS

  2. Justin says:

    Someone correct me if i’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that igod is not intended to actually bring people to God. I’m pretty sure it’s more of a joke.

  3. Yes..i will correct my statement before…
    I have tried that “iGod”!!
    And that is completely “crazy”!!

    JESUS is GOD!

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