Liveblogging: "The Angels Stop to Listen"

I’m at Radford Auditorium at McMurry University where Rachel’s ballet company is rehearsing for a performance that will proceed tonight’s lecture on Emerging Worship by Fr. Richard Rohr.

The company is performing the lead piece from their tour program this year, which is based on Hosanna, a favorite track from Jason Morant’s album Open. The act of sharing this album with Anna Gillette, the company director, is about as close as I am ever going to come to choreographing a dance.

I’ve seen them do this piece about 3-4 times now, and it still moves me. There is something about the way Morant – and now the entire company – explore the humility/humanity of Jesus and yet still exalt him to the status of Lord over creation that gives me chill bumps.

There was a man;
Who smiled like the sunrise;
His face I can’t forget.
His love displayed is unlike any other.

He humbly dressed just like a vagabond;
With discourse like a King.
And when he spoke,
The angels stopped to listen.

Hosanna! [An interjection meaning roughly – Glory to God]
Filio David [Son of David]
Hosanna in Altisimus [Glory to God in the Highest]


Like I said: chill bumps.

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