Limited/No Posting Until April 14

Starting on Friday, I’m planning on taking a little break from…well, several things. Including (unless I really feel like it) blogging. As such, I probably won’t be posting again until the week of April 14.


2 Responses to Limited/No Posting Until April 14

  1. fofhighland says:

    Need to get your taxes done, too, eh?

  2. Danny Ham says:

    I am from Texas USA. The United States was attacked by gthe ragheads first. Those guys deserve what they get. If there were no people around like Hitler, Hussein, Mugabe and other political despots we would not be killing the bastards. We are not going to let someone kill millions of people like Paul Pot did in Cambodia and just set there with our thumb in our collective ass. People that put religous beleifs ahead of humanitarian act ae liers of the worst kind. We should we in Zimbabwe and the Sudan kicking the crap out of men little men who think they are demegods. Right and wrong are things that are clearly defined by anyone that can see beyond the end of there nose. Groups that need the S___t kicked out of them are: Iran, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Pakistan. Criteria for listing in the group is the killing of the countries own people by their governmet or flying plane into buildings.

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