Why Wal-Mart Sues the Disabled

Just finished reading this story, which involves a suit by Wal-Mart against a mentally disabled ex-employee to recoup money that is due under its health benefit plan. Wal-Mart is seeking to be reimbursed for health benefit payments as a result of a sizeable personal injury settlement between the employee and a trucking company.

I hope to have more time to comment on this later, but the issues presented in this story are quite typical of the moral dilemmas and policy issues that are constantly at play within the context of the civil law.

One thing I will say: while this story appears – on the surface – to be a blatantly arrogant move on Wal-Mart’s part, I guarantee you that there is a lot more going on than what you are told.

In the meantime, I am curious: what is your “take” on this story?


2 Responses to Why Wal-Mart Sues the Disabled

  1. I skimmed through the comments to the article on this in the Wall Street Journal. There seems to be blame on both sides, Walmart’s and the lady’s lawyer. The lawyer informed Walmart in the early stages but they did nothing. If they wanted some of the money they should have taken the risk of helping in the suit. It seems like the lawyer should have been able to put the correct label on the money in the first place to make it inaccessible. I suppose all companies do health care this way. People will refrain from suing since there will be nothing in it for them. Just my thoughts based on admittedly incomplete knowledge.

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