(More) Easter at the Center

In my faith tradition, I came to know Easter Sunday as the day on which the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus was observed (at least, by some of us). I was recently surprised to learn, however, that on the liturgical church calendar, there is actually a period of observance called Eastertide. This period begins on Easter and continues for fifty days, concluding with Pentecost Sunday (a liturgical date which is entirely foreign in my tradition).

The idea of a period of time which, similar to Advent and Lent, celebrates resurrection, is appealing to me. If resurrection is indeed at the center of the Christian faith, doesn’t it make sense that its observance should match – or even exceed – that of Lent and Advent?


On a related note, I am inspired by the respectful, even admiring, words that were written by Deepak Chopra this week in response to a question about resurrection and the Christian faith. I hope that, as a Christian, I can learn to speak to the beliefs of non-Christians with the same tone of generosity and grace.


One Response to (More) Easter at the Center

  1. curtis says:

    Deepak Chopra writes some really interesting stuff sometimes, thanks for the link to that one.

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