Three Simple Questions

I’m accustomed to covering huge topics by leaps and bounds when I do a teaching series. But, starting in two weeks, I’m going to do a series on the resurrection of Jesus that is exactly the opposite. Only three questions will be posed:

  • The Plausibility of Resurrection: Is there good reason to believe that early Christians shared a remarkable experience?
  • The Meaning of Resurrection: What did early Christians believe had occurred?
  • The Implications of Resurrection: Why did/do Christians believe that the resurrection has changed everything?

Thats it. For five weeks, we are going to drill down into each of these (somewhat simultaneously) in hopes of finding new insight into the remarkable claim that lies at the heart of the Christian faith.


2 Responses to Three Simple Questions

  1. sacred vapor says:

    so, if you haven’t started yet, you can read N.T. Wright’s book on “the Resurrection of the Son of God” and if you did nothing else… it might take you two weeks to read it. It’s only about 800 pages.

    Actually, on a lighter note, I just started reading Wright’s new book on ‘surprised by hope’ and it looks like he touches on those three questions.


  2. Matt says:

    Funny you should say that, Paul. Wright’s Resurrection is the main text I’m using to prepare, and I just got my hands on Surprised by Hope…

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