What is Religion?

I’m reading The Complete Idiot’s Guide to World Religions (Brandon Toporov and Father Luke Buckles) in an effort to arrive at a better understanding of religious traditions outside of Christianity.

In Chapter 2, Toporov and Buckles outline the common traits that are held by virtually all faiths. They are:

  • A belief in ancient truths.
  • A belief that there is something more than the apparent, physical world.
  • A belief that humans and Creation are interconnected.
  • A belief that the universe cannot be understood solely through rationality and logic.

In short, most faiths maintain that there is something more to our world than its appearance on the surface. Religious belief and practice are efforts to grasp at something that is mystical and divine, which goes beyond the surface.

The fact that so many people, in so many different cultures, are not only convinced that there is Something More, but that they are willing to devote their lives to getting in touch with Something More, is – I think – in and of itself very telling.

Why is the desire to be in touch with something beyond the immediate, physical world so strong?


3 Responses to What is Religion?

  1. amplifiedwisdom says:

    hi! religion is only a covering… a denomination

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is good this website, if only they put which religion each symbol is related to. If only, anyway…i am not much of a beleiver, I mean, I do believe, I just don’t believe that everyone has to go to church EVERY Sunday, well, i guess thats up to them. I appreciate it though!!! Of course, thank-you for spending time to sit there and look at this.

  3. hello thgis is a good site but i would recommend to put each world symol on there so then children will be able to find out i am teacher from milford haven comprehensice i will see you later

    Regards ryankerrison

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