January Reading List

I’m finishing up Dan Kimball’s They Like Jesus But Not the Church. As usual, I’m not always grooving with Dan theologically, but I still love this guy because of the way he is willing to move into and embrace people who are a part of the emerging culture. Also, I like the fact that there is a legitimate place in the emerging conversation for individuals like Dan, who – under the hood – tend to be more like conventional evangelicals.

Up next: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to World Religions. I’ve been meaning for some time to do some serious reading on other religions, and Kimball’s book has inspired me to do just that. (Yeah, yeah – I know – this is going to be pretty light reading, but I’m just not ready for a really heavy, academic-oriented comparative religions book…)

Also getting excited about doing an upcoming class series called Life(squared): Finding Meaning and Hope in the Resurrection of Jesus. A lot of it will be drawn from Jedi Master NT Wright’s The Resurrection of the Son of God, which I’m going to have to dust off after its sat on the shelf for a few months.


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