North or South?

During the Christmas break this year, our family is taking a trip to the mountains in Colorado. I’ll enjoy the trip in a vicarious sort-of way because its something that my kids have wanted to do for a long, long time. However, when we leave, my instincts will be crying out to go South rather than North.

I am not a fan of cold weather, and when you combine cold weather with increasingly short Winter daylight hours, I tend to become downright grumpy. About this time of year, I begin to long for the beach. I want to put on some swim trunks, a tank top, and a pair of shades. I want to feel warm sunlight on my face and dig my toes into the sand while I listen to waves crashing in. I want to experience tropical days that feel like they will never end. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait a few more months before I get my beach time. And my dream of Christmas in Hawaii will have to be put on hold.

Of course, not everyone is like me. Some of you probably envy our week-long trip into the mountains. Others would rather have a day on the lake, a few days on the golf course, or some extended time on a cruise liner.

So lets hear it. What are some of your preferred get-aways?


One Response to North or South?

  1. Jonathan Sharp says:

    Anything, really. Mountains are great (we are going skiing in January and February), beaches are fine (Maine in the summer), but I loves me some European traveling most of all. When the girls are a bit older we will plan that trip. Start off with England and a side trip to Paris the first time, then a couple of years later eastern Europe, then another trip southern Europe.

    I’d show the girls Japan, but nobody makes enough money to afford that trip.

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