Fabio versus George

I am a huge proponent of having at least one major news feed on your aggregator. If for no other reason, it is important to read the news because you will occasionally stumble over something really amusing like this story, which is about how George Clooney and Fabio got into a heated scuffle in a restaurant.

On the night in question, Fabio was apparently out with several ladies who were making a generous donation to one of his charities. They were taking turns getting their picture made with the famous romance novel cover boy. In the meantime Clooney, thinking that it was all about getting his picture (does the word “vanity” come to mind at some point in this narrative?), decides to display a very special gesture in some of the photos.

Fabio, a large man of about 220 pounds, then confronts the 5’7″ Clooney, and the two men proceed to exchange profanities and things actually begin to get physical before someone breaks it up.

But…all is not lost, at least for the ladies who were with Fabio on this bizarre night.

“I just feel badly that it ruined the night for these women,” he said. Then, he added, and I kid you not: “I am thinking of something to make it up to them.”

Really? What?

Female readers: I would love to hear your comments on that statement…


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