Taking Things on Faith

Many thanks to Chris for linking to this very insightful post on the subject of “taking things on faith.”


One Response to Taking Things on Faith

  1. Fremen_Warrior66 says:

    Very good post.

    I think a large part behind the movement of “scientific” apologetics and fundamentalism is a a result of insecurity. People have a need to follow what the group is doing. It’s instinctual. When someone is doing something different, there’s the nagging feeling that you might be wrong. When someone claims to be atheist, there’s that nagging feeling that you might be wrong, especially when they put up arguments for that belief.

    I was caught up in the idea of arguing Christianity in the last few years of high-school. Eventually I realized that it wasn’t driven by a love for my atheist companions or by a desire to share the gospel, but by my insecurity of my own beliefs.

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