ASBO Jesus

I’ve been consistently impressed with the keen sense of observation and theological depth of Jon Birch, creator of the web-based comic series ASBO Jesus.

Some of his cartoons can also be rather pointed. Here is a recent example. The caption below the picture, which I’ve had to reduce to fit my page format, reads “…Shot out of the sky by the Christian right.”


3 Responses to ASBO Jesus

  1. curtis says:

    Good stuff, huh? I’m so impressed by not only the quality of his comics (both the statements and the images), but by the FREQUENCY. He constantly cranks these things out, and they’re always really good! Amazing.

  2. Matt says:

    I agree. The frequency is really impressive. Its not unusual to find 3-4 of them in a day.

  3. Fremen_Warrior66 says:

    It’s now in my bookmarks. Thanks for the link.

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