Another sign…

…that evangelicalism will soon have run its course can be found here.


2 Responses to Another sign…

  1. Summer says:

    I read through the article and am slightly appalled. The last sentence “The Religious Right is like a snake, we may be in our hole now, but you never know when we’ll come out and bite you.” Or something like that–does the guy not listen to the words coming out of his mouth?

    I think it’s interesting that wanting to effect poverty, to help people who need help, to love people who need love…is considered liberal and therefore not Christian. I think it is far less Christian to get tied up in politics rather than doing the work of Christ. The work of Christ is being the solution to the problem rather than condemning the symptoms.

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks for the comment, Summer.

    Are you the Summer who I think you are?

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