Fad of the Land

I always wanted a custom ring-tone on my phone, but never had the time to actually pick and load one up.

I now have one, however – taken straight out of one of my favorite Newsboys’ tracks – Fad of the Land.

Here are the lyrics:

I’m a marinade
Of what’s hot this summer
I’m an early comer
Bought a Gulf War Hummer

Every fad, I feel its force
Every trend, I do endorse
Got my genomes mapping
Caught my smart dog napping
[Note: I don’t get this line]

I’m charging up the new, new thing
I’m answering a customized ring
I’m starting from the place you stop
I’m packing for an ego trip!

Stop the scam!
Day traders in a traffic jam
Can the craze!
All you players out of plays
Fight the man!
All you suckers for a better brand
They got us livin’ off the fad of the land

[The ring tone begins with a very cool guitar riff here]

Get your pager on
‘Cause you know my number
I’m a wireless wonder
Got thumbs of thunder

[Ring tone ends here]

Sould daddies in a firewire tumble dryer
Soul mamas broke the breaker
Soul children packin’ Prozac pacifiers
Get your plug-in
We all need to plug into our Maker

I know I know: savor the irony of making a ring tone out of a song that disses people who think ring tones are cool. Don’t care. I seem to be a walking paradox these days, anyway. But…

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Steve Taylor Lyrics = the best in the Chrisitan music biz. His music, even though puzzlingly ironic in this context, is welcome on my phone and music player any time.


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