Paul and Theologia

In addition to Esther, I am also pinch-teaching in the Theologia class during July and the first part of August. Theologia is a Wednesday night class that is the brain child of my friend Richard Beck. Richard teaches and does experimental psychology by trade, but – as you may have noted in some of my previous posts and links to his blog – he is also a very thoughtful, reflective non-professional theologian. Richard and I share the same passion for conversation about God, even though biblical studies/theology are not our primary vocation.

The idea behind Theologia is to create a forum where people can bring diverse perspectives and engage in deep conversation about God and how he is moving in the world. Its been a very good experience so far – so my main job is to avoid messing it up!

During Richard’s absence, I’m working through Paul in Fresh Perspective, a book by Jedi Master NT Wright.  This was a whole new experience for me, teaching-wise. The class was VERY perceptive about the issues involved in the book. Its going to be a lot of fun interacting with (and even learning from) this class during the next few weeks.

For anyone who his interested, I posted a summary of the first class on the Theologia blog.


2 Responses to Paul and Theologia

  1. Richard says:

    Hi Matt!
    I saw the update on the class blog! Great stuff. How did class go?

  2. Matt says:


    I really enjoyed it. I’m still trying to adjust to interacting with an audience that is as sophisticated as this one – but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it…

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