Heaven, New Earth, or Renewed Earth?

Rupert Ward is asking an important question in a post on Jason Clark’s blog. You can find it here.


3 Responses to Heaven, New Earth, or Renewed Earth?

  1. Rupert Ward says:

    thanks for the link. It does seem an important question, with some big consequences on how we live as Christians.
    What are your thoughts on this issue?

  2. Matt says:


    I think your article on Jason’s blog is pointing in the right direction. I don’t think scripture treats this world as a failed project, which is doomed to being discarded so God can start over with a few of us in some otherworldly plane. Instead, God’s commitment is to set things right in the universe that he has already created. The promise of “renewed heaven and renewed earth” is a way of talking about the end result of that commitment.

    Why does that make a difference? Because we aren’t trying to achieve personal piety so that we will be rewarded. What we are doing in the here and now is working together toward God’s future – a future that is for everyone. What we do with our planet, how we treat each other, how we come to live together and share what we have, are all important issues becuase they are helping us to move toward the day when God’s new world becomes possible.

    That is what the promise to Abraham is about. That is what the prophets spoke of. That is Jesus’ inbreaking Kingdom. That is what Paul meant when he talked about God’s righteousness being revealed. God intends to (and will, in time) set everything straight – but it depends on us, not only as individuals, but as humanity. We have to come to understand what it means to be eikons of God.

  3. Rupert Ward says:

    Brilliant – I love it! Thanks for taking some moments to outline that, and I thoroughly agree.
    I find it such an exciting prospect that we can co-operate with God in this, work together in Him mission of bringing Shalom to this earth.

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