BSG: The End is Near

What I had reluctantly hoped would be the case is now a reality. Battlestar Galactica will conclude with its fourth season, which will begin airing in early 2008.

I will miss this show once its gone, but this is the right decision. The only thing the producers could do at this point is further complicate the plotline (which involves a journey to Earth) in an effort to stretch out the series, and that would get laborious and lame very fast. Right now they are in the perfect position to push toward the conclusion, and I’m glad that they have made this decision.


One Response to BSG: The End is Near

  1. Margie says:

    I agree that this is a good thing for the show, in spite of being disappointed at first. My hope now is that the writers and producers don’t get so distracted with their new projects that they fail to give the final episodes the attention they deserve. When Moore said he thought the Sopranos finale was “perfect” it made me very nervous!

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