Nerd Alert – More BSG Posts Ahead

During the last few days, I’ve gone back to watching the new Battlestar Galactica from the beginning. Thus far, I’ve watched the miniseries and the first two episodes. Not only are they really good TV, but I am struck with how they are posing some seriously profound questions. In fact, whether they realize it or not (and they must realize it to some degree), the makers of this show are exploring some of the most important questions that have been asked during the course of human history, particularly within the context of world faiths.

And the genius of it all is that – even though this is supposedly science fiction – the questions are being asked in a fresh, contemporary way using characters with whom we can relate almost immediately.

So much is going on here: the problem of sin, the nature of temptation, the nature of God’s judgment, the abuse of God for purposes of violence and conquest (or vengeance), the question of what it means to be human – to have a soul, the need for hope and redemption – for an exodus from oppression, and the disturbingly contradictory nature of carnal, self-interested creatures trying to find God amidst the chaos and pain of life. Its all there – and done so well!

I’ve already started outlining a series of posts on the theology of Battlestar Galactica. I can’t quite decide when to start it because I don’t know how much of the series I should “take in” again before I start writing.

Also, since I often draw people from outside my immediate circle of friends as readers on my BSG posts, I’m going to try to make it very open and generalized – exploring the questions more than my particular ways of addressing the questions. I want the posts to create space in which each person can reflect on how they encounter the same questions.

In the end, I’m going to explain why, if the series continues down its current narrative path, it may end on a rather dark note, raising even more theological questions, rather than answering any.

I think its going to be really cool.

Half of you are now asking: Seriously?!  How much more geeked-out can this blog get? If that’s you, I hope you will not feel obligated to read these posts when they start going up. I will try to keep some low-to-moderate geek-level posts interspersed with the others for your benefit.

As for BSG fans that are out there…what issues/questions have you noticed that are being raised by this series?


3 Responses to Nerd Alert – More BSG Posts Ahead

  1. macht says:

    I thought the way they dealt with political issues like abortion and suicide bombing was done really well. I hesitate to say more, though, since I can’t tell from your post whether you are watching these for the first time or if you are re-watching them.

  2. Matt says:


    I am re-watching them for a second time right now, so I do have a pretty good feel about how the series as a whole fits together. Still, this second round I’m gaining even more respect for the thoughtful way these stories are put together.

    And you’re right, of course, they are also exploring contemporary political issues in ways that no other program will dare touch.

  3. Thurman8er says:

    I also really appreciate the contrast between monotheism and polytheism, especially since the “machines” are the monotheists. Certainly Moore et. al. realize how incredibly polytheistic today’s world is…and that includes many in the Christian community.

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