Jesus? Yes! Christians? …not so much.

This video, filmed on the streets of Chicago, speaks volumes about the way people feel about Christianity these days.

I said this back in my series of posts on the DaVinci Code, and I’ll say it again here: non-Christians in our culture are deeply suspicious that Christians no longer “get” who Jesus was.

Are they right? And if they are, how did things gone so terribly wrong that non-Christians understand Jesus better than Christians?


4 Responses to Jesus? Yes! Christians? …not so much.

  1. I think it’s the American flag-draped, anti-Gay, pro-Cheney conservative Brand Xians that folks are deeply suspicious of.

  2. Looney says:

    “who Jesus was”?

  3. Matt says:

    Hearty- I agree, and I think the problem is that, for a typical non-Christian the flag-draped, anti-Gay, pro-Cheny conservative is the ONLY version of Christianity that they know, because other types of Christians don’t get or try to acquire signfiicant media exposure.

    Looney- that sentence is referring to the period of Jesus’ ministry, as recorded in the gospels. Didn’t mean to suggest Jesus no longer *is*. In fact, if you’ll check back to my series during the Passion Week, you’ll find I am a defender of a literal, physical resurrection.

  4. Looney says:

    Sorry for the nitpick regarding “is” and “was”. Couldn’t resist the temptation!

    We do have the fact that the MSM and intellectual mainstream are hostile to Christians and goe out of their way to present them in the worst possible light. This has been an effective tactic since the flat earth theory was invented in the 19th century and used to slander Christians.

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