My Thinking Blogger Awards

Thanks to Richard Beck for tagging me with a “Thinking Blogger Award.”

As Richard explains, this is an internet meme, and good form dictates that I now nominate five blogs, other than those which Richard named.

Since Richard nominated me as his source for all things emergent, I’ll nominate a few guys from the emerging conversation who I read frequently. Most of them don’t know me personally, and they probably aren’t going to notice the volume of traffic that I send their way in this post, so the nomination that Richard sent in my direction is probably going to put an end to the meme on my branch. Still, I think these are pretty good links:

1. Jason Clark – Jason is a british pastor. He consistently writes thoughtful, useful posts that relate to the practice of Christian spirituality in the emerging culture.

2. Scot McKnight – Scot is a professor at North Park University in Chicago. He is also one of the most prolific bloggers that I know of. He has written two or three series of posts that are the equivalent of small books, while simultaneously writing published material. You can always count on finding analytical depth in his posts, and he’s not afraid to be critical – even of emergents – when its appropriate.

3. Andrew Jones – This is the grandfather of all emergent blogs. Andrew travels a lot, and many of his posts are focused on the various experiences that he has during his travels. This one is often less analytical than the prior two, but – in a way – more insightful because you really feel like you are getting insight into what emergent disciipleship looks like on the streets.

4. Fajita – love this guy. His writing is consistently thoughtful and challenging. He has roots in the Churches of Christ, though – and I’m quite jealous of this – he is currently attending Solomon’s Porch, an emergent gathering in Minneapolis, during his phD studies.

5. Dan Kimball – I love Dan because he is probably the best communicator among all of the emergent bloggers that I know. He has a real knack for avoiding all of the “insider” language that so many of us tend to use, and speaking in a way that almost anyone can understand. He is a pastor at the Vintage Faith church in santa Cruz, California. (Dan: I just wish you would post more!)


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