Forget Guitar Hero…

I want this game!

(Apologies to those who are not familiar with the pecularities of the churches of Christ.)


2 Responses to Forget Guitar Hero…

  1. toby says:

    Hilarious! However, in today’s gaming culture this game is not nearly violent enough. The song leader needs a control panel or some sort of weapon to “take out” anyone not singing on tune, singing at the wrong time, or not hitting the high part of “O Lord, Our Lord.” In addition, there needs to be other games within this series. For example, Elder Jihad. In this game, the elders sneak through the church building and worship service looking for evil sinners who are raising their hands while singing to God, confessing sin at the church, mentioning the Holy Spirit, or even using the word grace (unless addressing Mrs. Grace who sits on the 4th row). When found, the elders blast them with their weapon. Of course, there should be different denominational versions.

  2. curtis says:

    that is both hysterical, and sad. excellent find! 🙂

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