Limited Posting During the Week of March 25

I don’t expect to post much, if at all, this week. Next week, my plan is to write about resurrection and the Christian faith, starting on Palm Sunday, and continuing each day through Easter.

Wright’s Resurrection of the Son of God has been an incredible experience to read, and my posts – which will draw from the early part of I Corinthians 15 – will be largely inspired by his research and theological framework.


4 Responses to Limited Posting During the Week of March 25

  1. Steven Carr says:

    How come nobody can defend Wright’s view of the resurrection using the arguments in his books?

    Does Wright ever explain why the Jesus-worshippers in Corinth scoffed at the idea that God would choose to raise a corpse, or why Paul assures them that Jesus became a spirit, and is now dwelling in their bodies?

  2. Matt says:


    Thanks for stopping by. You’re asking some questions that Wright deals with in great detail in his book, particularly in Chapter 7. I’ll be talking about them more generally next week in the context of the early verses of Chapter 15, which are arguably the earliest experession of the doctrine of Christ’s resurrection.

    If you’d like to discuss the question in more detail, check back next week.

  3. Acceldize says:

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