The Final Five Awaken

[Nerd alert: Hard-core BSG fan commentary follows. Some of you may want to move on to your next feed.]

The rumors were true. There is no question in my mind after seeing Crossroads (pt. 1 of 2): we are witnessing the “awakeninig” of at least three of the final five cylon models (Saul, Tory, and Anders). Kara/Starbuck is probably the fourth one, but I’ve got no clue as to who the fifth one might be… Perhaps that will not be revealed until a future date.

My theory is that the “awakening” is being triggered because: (a) Kara has been resurrected somewhere and is bringing it about OR (b) they are getting close to the nebula, which is somehow “designed” to trigger it.

But who are they? What are their intentions?

I can already tell that its going to be a LOOOOONG wait until Season 4 premiers in January 2008.


One Response to The Final Five Awaken

  1. James says:

    I would wager Starbuck is a fourth, and that yes she is being resurrected as the plot moves, however that doesn’t really jive with the rumors I’ve heard that she’s pretty much out of the show from here out other than perhaps a short, bit appearance. However, I would lean towards the nebula being the cause of the awakening and my instincts say….

    It’s another marker left by the 13th colony, designed to be heard on “cylon wavelengths/frequencies” as a way to flush out possible stowaways. However, the bigger picture I also see, is that there is some kind of longer term goal of reconciling humanity and Cylons through the final 5 and their experiences as “being” humans for so long.

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