Beautiful Peace 2: Peace on Earth (Not)

A lot of words can be used to describe our world at this stage in human history. “Peaceful” is not one of them. Wars rage across much of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, fueled by military involvement from the other continents. In the meantime, in our own culture, politics continue to spiral downward, following partisan paths defined by culture wars, carefully drawn “red and blue” state lines, and the annual knock-down-drag-out over the allocation of the Federal budget.

And thats not all: continually raging within our own society are lawsuits, zoning disputes, school board fights, parental fisticuffs over youth sports, gang violence, Enron, and macabre court battles over celebrity corpses. Even our churches are not immune, engulfed in worship wars, atonement wars, ordination wars, and budget wars.

The human condition has always been one of rest-lessness. Taking, holding, defending, impugning, and denying are the rules of engagement on every level of society: from families to parlaments, from board rooms to back alleys. But all of the rest-lessness, even the frentic, driven pacing of my own life, is ultimately responding to the same, primal fear. It is a fear that says this: the world is not what it ought to be, and only I can make it better. And it is by examining that sense of fear that our search for peace will begin…

(More to come) 


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