Ted Dekker Forum Links

Welcome to those of you who have been discussing my posts on hell and universalism in the forums at teddekker.com. Please feel free to poke around here all you like and join in the discussions, whether you agree, disagree, or just want to ask more questions.

This is normally a space where I kick around a few ideas to an audience of a limited number of friends and family. I’m not used to all the attention I’ve been getting lately. I hope you understand that I’m not really on a mission to sell my perspectives in this particular series. I’m just thinking out loud about some of these issues, and trying to be honest about how I feel about the various perspectives on hell, God’s justice, etc.

Peace to all: exclusivists, inclusivists, universalists, undecideds, skeptics, and others…

– Matt


One Response to Ted Dekker Forum Links

  1. Andrew says:

    I understand that you are not on a mission to “sell” universalism and have really appreciated your honest “out loud” thoughts. The Dekker website has a huge number of intelligent, thoughful threads and makes for some interesting conversation.

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