Welcome, Skeptics!

Welcome to those of you who are linking here from the skepticality podcast!

If you’ve made it to this page, you’ve probably looked around long enough to see that I am a Christian who is concerned about some of the things that my friends in the Christian community are professing about the nature of God and the Christian scriptures. I am a part of an ongoing conversation among a group of Christians who are all about following the ways of Jesus, but who also share some of these concerns.

Everyone, Christian and non-Christian, skeptic and non-skeptic, is welcome to participate in the discussions here. If you have a comment or question, feel free to post it. All posts that reflect a desire to engage in respectful, reasoned conversation are welcomed.

I haven’t actually listened to the skepticality podcast referencing my entry on hell and torture just yet, but hopefully I can get to it soon, especially if I continue to draw a lot of links from it.


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