Reality versus Grey’s Anatomy

RWTL interrupts its ongoing series on the nature of hell and the ultimate fate of humanity to bring this very important announcement to the female readers of this space:

It has come to our attention that an increasingly popular chick-oriented show called Grey’s Anatomy is innundated with writing in which guys, while hanging out together, discuss how they feel about their “relationships.”

In reality, guys do not – repeat – DO NOT – interact unendingly about the status of their current love interests during fishing trips, work breaks, cardo-thoracic surgery, etc. To the contrary, most “guy time” is devoted to discussions about sports, cars, hobbies, Will Ferrell movies, or sex (not necessarily in that order). 

We now return to our regularly scheduled musings on eternal damnation…


One Response to Reality versus Grey’s Anatomy

  1. monse says:

    i love greys anatomy
    is the best
    i see it all the time


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