Vote Early. Vote Often.

While I have been on something of a writing hiatus during the holidays, my daughter Rachel has been quite busy.

Busy enough, in fact, to become a finalist in a letter writing contest sponsored by Lemony Snickett and our friends at HarperCollins. You can read the letter here. It is under the name “Anna Rachel.”

The contest involves site visitors voting for their favorite letter. If you get a chance, and like Rachel’s letter, why not spend a mouse click and a little bandwith on a vote for her? If she finishes in the top three, a recording of Lemony Snickett himself – reading her letter – will be posted on the site.

I’ll link the recording here if she wins.

5 Responses to Vote Early. Vote Often.

  1. nena says:

    How do I vote? Nena

  2. nena says:

    Never mind. I found the “lothsome thing”. Nena

  3. Jonathan Sharp says:

    Vote Early, Vote Often. Reminds me of something I heard on [i]Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell me[/i], that the speaker said when he died, he wanted to be buried in Chicago so he could remain politically active.

    Rachel’s writing was good – she got one more vote.

  4. nena says:

    Rachel’s writing is sharp and consistent with the tone of the chapter as a whole. Whoops, did I just slip into my English teacher mode? Oh well, I think she is brilliant. Of course, I could be prejudiced….hmmmmm. Nope, she IS brilliant!

  5. Matt says:

    I’m with you nena. Absolutely brilliant.

    There you have it, folks: how much more objective can you get than a father and grandmother?

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