Christmas Chaos

Tonight was a crazy night at the Ritchie house as our annual goodwill gifts for friends and family were in full-scale production.

Both of our DVD burners, one on our home computer and one on my work notebook, were working hard cranking out DVDs of our annual Christmas photo/video.

I always tell people that we don’t write Christmas newsletters to friends and family because everyone else’s newsletters are so much more impressive than anything we could write. Instead, we just do a DVD with some photos from the prior year and a modern worship or CCM song that we all like as the soundtrack. It seems to work pretty well. (This year’s song: The Newsboys’ Secret Kingdom.)

Here is Lexi, our one-kid quality assurance department, watching one of the DVDs that just came off of our burners. She watched over 30 of these tonight. She will be re-living our Disney trip, only this time with a Newsboys soundtrack, in her sleep tonight.

In the meantime, Sheila is working on candies, cookies, pretzels, etc. etc. for our goody platters:

As Homer Siimpson would say: “Mmmmmm….Sugar cooookiiiessss… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

…and Here is the final product, ready to go out to friends and family:


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