Rolling Stone on Galactica

The editors at Rolling Stone have declared Battlestar Galactica to be the best show on TV. They are right.

If you think this SciFi channel series is your typical, shallow sci-fi tripe: a lot of explosions mixed with confusing pseudo-science babble, you are wrong. It is an incredibly well-scripted and well-acted drama. Now in its third season, it is exploring legitimate questions about survival, terrorism, torture, democratic government, and – yes – even faith in the face of annihilation, in a way that no other TV show can or will.

Forget about the largely anemic fall lineups on the mainstream networks. This one deserves space on your DVR.


5 Responses to Rolling Stone on Galactica

  1. Thurman8er says:

    As a fan of Apollo and Starbuck, lo those many years ago, I was excited to see that BG was coming back, albeit as a miniseries. I watched about 15 minutes of it, said, “Feh,” and never looked back.

    Until this summer. We had the Blockbuster account. The movies were sad. So I tried the miniseries again, this time dragging my wife along for the ride.



    We BOUGHT Season 1. Devoured it in about a week. We bought Season 2. Cursed under our breaths when we discovered it was actually Season 2.0 and we were going to have to pay again to get the rest. We DID of course by Season 2.5, finished it about a week before the new season began and are diehards now.

    A SciFi show ABOUT something??? Why, that hasn’t happened since 1966! Or so.

  2. Matt says:

    Thurm, I know what you really said after watching the miniseries for 15 minutes…

    “Frack this.”

  3. Thurman8er says: has a shirt you can buy that says, “Frak you.” I really really want one.

    In middle school I had a friend who said “frak” alllllll the time. That would have been okay except that he also used that other Classic BG term, “Felgercarb.” That one just never worked.

  4. Matt says:

    What I think is amazing is that EVERYONE knows exactly what both of those terms mean. They are substitutes for things you don’t say on TV.

    The new BSG writers have basically found a way to adapt a term from the old series in a way that lets them drop the F-bomb any time they want, and the censors can’t say a thing. Even though its a made-up term, it makes for much grittier, more authentic sounding dialog.

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