Gearing Up

Posts have been running slow, lately. I’m spending most of my spare time gearing up for the series on Romans that Sheila and I are starting in a couple of weeks.

I have no clue about whether this book is going to shake the rest of our class the way it has been affecting me, but if it does – some pretty exciting things are going to happen in our little faith-community-within-a-faith-community between now and Christmas. The timeless message of this book, which is as relevant today as it ever was,  is really amazing.

My plan is to eventually begin posting here on Romans every few days, but  I haven’t quite decided how its going to work. It will either paralell things in class or it will represent “sidetracks” that we won’t get to cover in class. Possibly both. Either way, there is an amazing wealth of hope, inspiration, and joy to be explored.


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