There Be Two Views of Scripture

In order to avoid being accused of ignoring a monumental cultural event such as talk like a pirate day, I have altered the title of this post.

Having disposed of that formality, on to the post…

When I hear people talk about scripture, most people seem to come at it from one of two different perspectives:

1. God spoke a message for me/you/everyone to Paul (or Moses or Luke or John), Paul obediently wrote it down in the same way a court reporter takes dictation in a courtroom. Several centuries later, we read that message much in the same way we read an email or letter that is addressed directly to us.

2. Paul (or Moses or Luke or John) experienced/encountered God. They then wrote about their experiences. By understanding what they were saying about their own experiences, we can learn from and better understand how we can expect to experience/encounter God ourselves.

So which is it, mateys? Neither? Either? Both?


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