Theologians All

The temptation is to think that theology is an isolated subject – best suited for absent-minded german professors with unpronouncable names and equally incomprehensible ideas. The truth, however, is that we are all theologians.

We all hold a set of ideas about God. That much, we cannot help. The only questions are: (a) whether we will recognize them as such, and (b) whether they are good theologies or bad ones.

If you believe there is no God, then – to the extent of your control and power in the world – you make yourself god.

If you believe God will reward you for killing people he disfavors, you will fly airplanes into buildings.

If you believe God favors your race (or socioeconomic class) above others, you will not think twice about owning a slave or perpetuating a system of oppression.

If you believe God intends women to be subordinate to men, you will probably end up on either the giving or receiving end of an abusive relationship.

You get the idea.

That we think about God is inevitable. How we think about God matters, probably more than any other subject.

So…what is your theology? Its a question worth pondering.


One Response to Theologians All

  1. bonnieq says:

    I definitely get the idea, Matt. Unfortunately, the masses have set up themselves as demi-gods and are shortly in for a rude awakening.

    Still, in answer to your question: my theology is God’s Holy Bible and my teacher is the Holy Spirit; anything else would be “man’s smooth words paving the way to utter destruction.

    Speaking of women, I do believe we have our place and that we are to be “submissive” to our husbands; however, there is a vast difference between being submissive and being subservient. Sometime soon I will be posting an article about God’s take on husbands, wives and parenting. It might interest you. 🙂 So, visit my blog some time at

    Love in Christ,
    Truth Seekers and Speakers, link on blog page
    Unicorn Haven, link on blog page

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