Formats for Study of Scripture – A Survey

If you’re reading this, and if you have any level of experience participating in bible studies, I need your help. For various reasons (not least of which is the fact that Sheila and I will be doing a series in Romans in about two months), I’m trying to learn more about how group study of scripture can be effective.

Its an odd subject for me because some people seem to be really enthusiastic about participating in bible studies, and some people avoid them like the plague. What is it that makes them compelling to some folks? Why are they uninteresting (and even off-putting) to others?

No matter which view is yours – lets hear about your experiences. What good experiences have you had, and why were they so good? What negative experiences have you had? Does format (lecture, class discussion, small group discussion) matter? Or does the whole idea of group study of scripture seem like a waste of time – something you can do on your own?


2 Responses to Formats for Study of Scripture – A Survey

  1. toby says:

    There are several things that I have noticed that help make a great Bible study. One is that at the beginning of each class, there is a prayer asking for God’s interpretation of the scripture through His Spirit, since the Spirit is the only true revealer of scripture. Second, Bible studies where denominational interpretations and idealogical agendas are not forced on the class but rather the class allows the Lord to guide their study are exciting. Third, when the study is deep in that it pushes people into deeper truth, it definately keeps their attention. Finaly, the use of real life stories to explain or enhance scripture is wonderful.

  2. Matt says:

    Great comment, Toby.

    Let me add this question to the ones posed above – can a sense that someone is pressing an “ideological agenda” make the experience less meaningful and helpful?

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