Almost done…

I’ve added sections on “Faith,” “Mission,” and “Spiritual Disciplines” to my pages collection. These will serve as a sort-of touchstone for anyone who wanders in and wants to know what the heck I’m talking about (which, I realize, is probably not anyone who cares enough to be checking in for this post…). I’m open to comments, questions, suggestions about those pages as well.

Regular posting should resume soon.

4 Responses to Almost done…

  1. Thurman8er says:

    Looking forward to the new site.

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks, Thurm. One of the disappointments when I converted over was that – for some reason – the comments didn’t survive the trip. Unfortunately, that includes some of your great comments from blogger.

    Maybe someone will eventually have a suggestion about how to fix that.

  3. Joe says:

    Will this new site have magical powers!!!

  4. Matt says:


    To borrow from the professor in Futurama: “If, by ‘magical powers,’ you mean ordinary things that you can expect to find in any other WordPress blog, then…YES!!!!”

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