The Seven Deadly Sins of Highly Effective People: Reimagining “Effectivness”

What if, instead of allowing the business book gurus to define effectiveness, we looked to the life of Jesus? What if effectivness were measured by the extent to which our life began to resemble that of Christ himself? What if we could learn to be “effective” on a completely different plane – a plane where “effective” people are those rare persons that seem to bring peace and wholeness to everyone that comes into contact with them? Where wells of eternal life spring up from within and bring healing to all those who come into contact with them?

I think that this type of effective person will have at least three habits of their own:
1. Listening – this person will pray, read, meditate, and observe silence – listening for the voice of God – each day.
2. Communing – this person will surround himself/herself with other like-minded people, sharing burdens with each other, and…
3. Ministry – being firmly grounded in (1) and (2), this person will move out among the world, trying to understand and serve those who are hurting.

What other habits would you add to this list?

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