Why the NBA is Boring

After witnessing the humiliating collapse of the Mavericks in games 3-6 of the NBA Finals, I am (a) frustrated with the Mavs for losing and (b) angry at myself for wasting valuable time and TiVo space on 24 interminable quarters of NBA basketball.

The NBA is booooor-ing. Here’s why:

1. Nonsensical color commentary. Most of the problems that teams face in the NBA are obvious and equally unfixable. Your star player isn’t hitting jump shots tonight. Your center can’t hit free throws. One player has a height or speed advantage over another. I appreciate color commentary that points these things out. But it only takes so long to do that, and then there really isn’t much to be said. So, you end up with silly, know-it-all observations about things like “you can’t win if you keep missing shots.” Worse yet, the color guy ends up critiquing a strategy simply because it isn’t working. One moment he will cry for more shots at the permieter. The next moment, when it that approach is attempted and fails, he will criticize a team’s failure to “get inside.” I’m probably missing some of the depth in this analysis, but it sometimes feels like the color guy is talking because he has to say something, no matter how obvious or contradictory or ridiculous it sounds.

2. Officiating is ridiculously subjective. What constitutes a foul? Beats me. The decision to call or not call a foul seems almost random to me.

3. There is seemingly no way to build and maintain a lead. One would think this makes the game more “entertaining,” but once you realize that things will yo-yo back and forth for 48 minutes, it feels like watching the first 46 minutes is a waste of time.

4. Too many stops in play. The game never seems to have a “flow” to it. Play is constantly stopping for fouls, out-of-bounds plays, time-outs, and the like. Just when things seem interesting, play stops.

5. There are some very likable NBA players out there, but it is a virtual certainty that at least one or two arrogant pflegmwads are always going to be present on the floor, stomping, pouting, and whining their way from end-to-end. That is annoying.

6. Watching free-throws is boring.

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