Ancient Future

Incredible post from Jason Clark today on our culture’s obsession with the “now,” and the reasons why we seem largely unconcerned with the history of the past or the possiblities of the future. This disconnectedness leaves us with nothing but a desire to find instant gratification of whatever we happen to want at the moment. It explains so much: consumer debt, obesity, addiction, obsession with money and wealth. I also think it ties in strongly to the success and effects of the McCulture – a phenomenon that I’ve written about before, involving a dehumanized system of economics that is no longer tied to personal relationships. I could go on and on.

Clark also briefly outlines a case for a Christian message which (1) is deeply grounded in history and tradition and (2) articulates a powerful, biblical vision of the future.

Its one of those parameter-shifting thoughts that will seriously mess with your head, but in a good way.

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