The DaVinci Code: What did Jesus Care About?

In my last two posts, I’ve suggested that:
1. I think that people are fascinated by The DaVinci Code because it confirms an innate suspicion that there is “more” to Jesus than popularized Christian leaders are telling them.
2. In some cases, they are right. BUT
3. The DaVinci Code doesn’t tell us much about the real Jesus, either.

The Jesus that is often portrayed – particularly by evangelicals – is a Jesus who is mainly concerned with getting people into heaven after they die, rather than getting the kingdom of heaven into our world. This is not the Jesus of the synoptic gospels.

When Jesus is watered down to this point, he looks bizarre, manipulative, and even irrational. If you want to get a feel for how this bizarre portrayal of Jesus comes across to an outsider, check out this video. (Warning: the video contains some PG-13 language; its probably not a good idea to watch it with the kids in the room.)

More to come.

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