Casting MASH

These days, it seems like virtually every classic TV show is being made into a feature film. And it is only a matter of time until someone does this with the MASH. (Update: Thanks to Val for reminding us that MASH was a feature film, before it turned a TV show.)

Our TGIF question of the day is this – if you could cast any actor/actress you wanted in a 2006 feature film based on the 70s TV program, who would you choose – and in what roles?

Here are some of the lead roles that require casting:

– Capt. Hawkeye Pierce (originally played by Alan “the ego” Alda)
– Capt. BJ Honeycutt
– Maj. Charles Emerson Winchester, III
– Col. Sherman Potter
– Lt. Margaret “Hotlips” Hoolahan
– Corp. “Radar” O’Reiley
– Corp. Max Klinger
– Father Frances Mulcahey

Plus, if you want to draw on characters from the “early” days (which, in my view, weren’t nearly as good as the later years):
– Maj. Frank Burns
– Col. Henry Blake
– Trapper John

I already have some ideas (Particularly, for Hoolahan, Winchester, and Burns). But, I want to leave this wide open for comments, so – anyone else interested in getting us started?

Update: Here are a few of my suggestions, starting with the most obvious…

Maj. Charles Emerson Winchester III: Kelsey Grammer (originally played by David Ogden Stiers):

Lt. Col. Henry Blake: Will Ferrell (originally played by McLean Stevenson)

Maj. Frank Burns: Bryan Cranston (Malcom in the Middle) (originally played by Larry Linville)

I’m tempted to cast Jane Kaczmerek, also of Malcom fame, as “Hotlips” Hoolahan. She’s not blonde, but she has already proven herself to be versatile enough to do this sort-of comedy. Plus, for this role, you need someone who can come across as thorougly superior and self-righteous one moment, and then a total skank the next, and she has shown she can do that in Malcom.

What do you think? Room for any other well-known comedic actors in these roles? Is there a place for Jack Black? Tom Hanks? Jim Carrey?

Potter is the one that is really tough for me. Your typical “southern” actors don’t quite work. Billy Bob Thornton? Naah. But who?

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