Baseball, Baseball, and More Baseball

A few random thoughts as we enter the second month of the 2006 season:

1. You don’t lose much when you listen to baseball on the radio (as opposed to TV). We don’t have extended cable in our house, so I don’t get to WATCH the Rangers, but I listen to them almost every night. Still a very enjoyable experience, especially when I can simultaneously monitor the game using the MLB Gamecast flash window. Does TV really add that much to the baseball experience?

2. If you have even the vaguest interest in baseball simulation games, there are at least two ways you can try them out for free. Baseball Mogul 2005 is now being GIVEN AWAY via a download (here). Also SportsMogul offers a free version of its online baseball simulation game. This thing will run on ANY PC system, I’ll bet – so don’t worry about your computer not having the horsepower to deal with it. Never played online, but I’m guessing that it is much more intriguing than fantasy baseball.

3. “If you build it, they will come.” I keep thinking about Field of Dreams. So many ways to compare what happens in that movie to my concepts of the kingdom of God, redemption/reconciliation, and the journey of faith. This simple film about a slice of heaven coming to Iowa, and bringing with it the opportunity for people to be made whole in their dreams and relationships, is just begging for a really cool, really meaningful study for a Bible class or a blog series.

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